Coyote Visions
Coyote Visions


Coyote Visions is an original story that tells of Coyote, the Culture Hero / Trickster of many Native American people, and how he brought the Buffalo to the plains. The Great Spirit put Coyote in charge of many things. He provided food and shelter for the People. He taught them how to dance and how to pray. There will be a forth coming book, entitled, Coyote the Trickster, which will deal more with his trickster nature. Read more

About Brad Whitewolf

Brad Whitewolf is a graphic illustrator whose work first appeared in “The Dream”, I Wanna Fly, children’s book, written by Beth Severe for the Aviation Cadet Museum. An oral storyteller, Mr. Whitewolf has shared this story of Coyote around the campfire, in schools, and in theater. Wanting to reach an even larger audience, he has produced this book. Read more


Excerpt from the Book

Once Coyote was going along. Everywhere he saw...
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